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and the first Saturday of each month 10am-4pm

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Offshoots is the UK's No.1!

A World You Like

In 2013, Offshoots was submitted into the World You Like Challenge, the European Commission's campaign on climate action. The campaign aims to show solutions and best practices applied by organisations and individuals across the European Union covering travel and transport; production and innovation; building and living; shopping and eating; and re-use and recycling.

296 initiatives entered the campaign and people were asked to vote for their favourite one. We were thrilled with the amount of support we received and eventually came in 21st place!

We would like to thank everyone who relentlessly promoted, shared and voted for Offshoots. Because of everyone's efforts, we were the top ranking project in the UK!

More on the competition can be seen here - http://world-you-like.europa

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The Offshoots Permaculture Project started in May 1997. Offshoots is housed in the old walled garden of Towneley Park, Burnley. The site had previously been a council depot and tree nursery that had stood derelict for 10 years. As a result of lots of hard work from legions of dedicated volunteers, Offshoots is now a thriving 1 acre organic fruit and vegetable garden boasting 5 different forms of eco-friendly buildings that are renewably powered and used daily.

Keeping it real!

  • Everything grown is sold
  • Compost is produced
  • Training is delivered on and off site
  • Environmental construction and consultancy work is undertaken off site
  • All of this aids financial sustainability
What is Permaculture?

Earth Care

People Care

Fair Shares

provision for all life systems to continue and multiply

providing people access to resources necessary to their existence

by managing our own needs, we can set resources aside to promote Earth Care and People Care
Volunteer making comfrey feed

Permaculture was developed in the mid-1970’s by two Australian ecologists, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Their idea was to create stable agricultural processes which did not poison the land and reduce biodiversity.

Offshoots is in keeping with these principles. We have solar and wind powered buildings, a kiln for making charcoal, a wildlife pond and reed bed, compost toilet, cob building with oven, organic vegetable production, tree nursery, backyard garden demonstration and beekeeping.

Offshoots is a Community Project - it is managed by Newground on behalf of the Offshoots Voluntary Project Committee. The Committee is made up of local people who are all actively involved with the Project. Offshoots achieves charitable status through the Permaculture Association.

Offshoots involves people from the whole community, either through visitors to the site, volunteers, or through colleges and schools running training courses - Offshoots is for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.


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